Frequently Asked Questions

when does your call center operate?

We operate Monday to Friday between 8am Eastern Time to 11pm Eastern Time so that your renters and vendors have full support during all operating hours no matter what timezone you are in. We also have on-call support during weekends.


Where is your call center located?

Our call center is distributed across the U.S., but most of our operations team is located in Seattle.


Will you be doing daily phone calls to check on work orders?

We do daily phone calls with vendors, renters, and your internal team to ensure work gets completed. We start by texting or emailing, but when we don't get a response, we get on the phone. We communicate with everyone based on their communication preferences.


How often do you communicate with our tenants?

We communicate work order status to tenants throughout the entire process to keep them in the loop. This keeps tenant call-ins down, which saves your back office time. We also reach out to tenants to arrange scheduling of work. 


If you call vendors, tenants, and owners, do you say that you're from latchel?

When we introduce ourselves in written or verbal communication, we say that we are a new part of your company and that we are helping to coordinate maintenance. For example, our team may say:

Hi Ethan. I'm a new member of Awesome Property Management and I'm helping to manage maintenance. I'm calling about your work request for fixing the garbage disposal. Can we schedule a time with you to have your garbage disposal fixed?

We view ourselves as a part of your team, and we want your tenants, vendors, and owners to view us as part of your team too.