Our Team

Will Gordon, CEO, built Latchel out of a need to provide better maintenance services to his own family properties. We provide these same services to any property management company that wants to focus on growing their business instead of getting caught up in day to day maintenance. At Latchel, we see maintenance handling as a logistics problem. This unique perspective and our team's expertise allows us to dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies that often keep property management companies from growing quickly. 


Will Gordon, Co-founder, CEO

Will's family has been in real estate and property management since the 1960's. Before founding Latchel, Will held a Senior Management role at Amazon. He brings years of operations experience to the table after building logistics for Amazon's Prime delivery networks and for PG&E. Will has a BS in Industrial Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MS in Supply Chain Management from MIT Global Scale Network.


Ethan Lieber, Co-Founder, Product

Ethan's family has been in real estate since 1987. Before cofounding Latchel, Ethan held a Senior Director role at One Planet Ops leading web applications and software development. He brings years of product experience to the table after building contractor to home owner mobile applications. Ethan has a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley.