Your Home Assistant

Your one-stop virtual concierge to help you schedule and organize your life like: housekeeping, lawn care, furniture assembly, tv mounting, laundry services and so much more.

Want to Opt-Out: If Home Assistant is not part of your current lease you can opt-out by scrolling down to the opt-out section.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Easy & Fast Scheduling

Schedule services and repairs on your time with your personal online platform

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Cash Reimbursements 

You get $50 reimbursements for damages that you’d normally be responsible for.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Concierge Home Service

Your Home Assistant helps you schedule and organize anything you need to help make your house a home 

Convenience. Comfort. Care.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

60 Second Responses

No more waiting for help. Get in touch with your assistant instantly to help with any in-home need like housekeeping, laundry service, or lawn care.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Video Chat

Proactive video troubleshooting helps resolve problems on the spot so that you can live comfortably without waiting for help.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Damage Reimbursements

Get $50 cash reimbursements on chargebacks for lockouts and the most common resident caused damages like plumbing clogs or garbage disposals.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Affordable Services

A one-stop concierge to help you coordinate your in-home projects like hanging blinds, mounting a TV, or building furniture.

Common Home Assistant Services

Here are some of the most common house requests:

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Home Cleaning

Our most popular request!

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Lawn Care

Very popular when this is resident responsible.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

General Troubleshooting

Residents often request phone or video chat help for everyday troubleshooting assistance.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Light Handyman Work

We often help mount TVs, assemble furniture, hang blinds/curtains, and fix resident responsible items before move-out.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords


Another common request if your residents are normally responsible for contacting the locksmith.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Pest Control

One of the most difficult issues to deal with and often the resident’s responsibility.

24/7 Maintenance for Landlords

Carpet Cleaning

Residents often request a carpet cleaning when their move-out date approaches.

24/7 Maintenance for Property Managers

Move-out Assistance

Residents often request help to pack and load their truck during move-out.

24/7 Maintenance for Property Managers

Junk/Furniture Removal

A common request for long term residents.


If you’d like to opt out of your 24/7 assistant, click here.


What do I get with my 24/7 Assistant?

Your home assistant is your go-to contact point going forward for maintenance and other in-home issues. They respond within 60 seconds. They help troubleshoot issues and dispatch maintenance technicians. You’ll also get appointment cancellation fee reimbursement when you cancel 4 hours in advance. You’ll also call this number for any move out assistance needed.

What is my assistant’s phone number?

Your dedicated number is in the flyer you received and in the welcome email. You’ll also get a text from your assistant with your assistant’s number.

Do I need to download anything?

Nope. All you need to do is text your assistant or call in to get everything done. Your assistant will send you a web link to a dedicated web portal for you – no logins required.

When should I call my landlord or property manager instead of my home assistant?

Never. Your home assistant will take care of almost everything. Contact them first. If they’re not able to help you, then they’ll send the details to your landlord or property manager, and they will help you.

What happens if I opt out?

By opting out you’ll forfeit the benefits of the program. You will not receive:

  • Appointment cancellation protection (can be up to $200).
  • You’ll pay the full cost of tenant caused damages rather than having a $50 reimbursement on them.
  • Maintenance scheduling will not be expedited and will be limited to normal business hours/days rather than 24/7/365