Latchel delivers a reliable and consistent experience.

Instead of waking you up at midnight or interrupting your work day, your tenant calls Latchel.


1. Accuracy

We take your tenant through an emergency diagnostic that catches emergency issues with 100% accuracy.

2. Cost savings

We troubleshoot your tenant’s issue over the phone with our team of maintenance professionals. Our goal is to save you money on unnecessary contractor dispatches.

3. reliable Dispatching

We dispatch contractors based on your preferences and can fully customize down to the individual property level. We can also dispatch a Latchel contractor if your preferred vendors are not available.

Increasing Your Tenant Happiness

4.7 out of 5 Stars across 1,416 Tenant Reviews

Our Customers

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Why use an Emergency Hotline?

stop taking tenant calls after hours


How much productivity goes down the drain when property managers don't get a good night's sleep? You should be focusing on business growth, not waking up in the middle of the night to handle maintenance emergencies.

why do it yourself when latchel does it for only $0.80 per door?

When Latchel has the processes and technology to do your emergency hotline for only $0.80 per door, why should you do it yourself?

What if my on-call guy doesn't pick up?

Don't get caught in a bad situation where your on-call guy misses an emergency call that causes property damage. Latchel has a fully staffed call center with the process and technology needed to successfully dispatch when there is an emergency. Why leave it up to chance? For only $0.80 per door, Latchel protects your owners investments from damage and liability.

Avoid expensive Labor lawsuits

Several property management firms have recently suffered lawsuits due to labor laws associated with on-call overtime pay for property management workers. Can you imagine paying out a huge lump sum due to a labor lawsuit? There is no need to worry about OT accounting and on-call workers when you use Latchel. 


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After Hours Serivce
$25 + $0.80/unit

Nights, Weekends, Holidays

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24/7 Service
$25 + $1.00/unit

24/7/365 Coverage


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