Frequently Asked Questions

when does your call center operate?

Our normal operating hours are Monday to Friday between 8am-11pm Eastern Time.

How about 24/7 call center services?

If you have 24/7 Emergency service as part of your plan, then your tenants can call us 24/7 and we will assist in troubleshooting issues, determining if there is an emergency, and dispatching  a contractor no matter what time or day it is.

Where is your call center located?

Our call center is distributed across the USA so that we always have someone available to assist in case of 24/7 emergencies. Our daytime customer service team is located in Seattle, Washington.

What happens if tenants or contractors do not respond to your texts?

Our customer service team will personally call anybody that is not using our software or responding to our texts.

How often do you communicate with our tenants?

We communicate work order status via text to tenants throughout the process to keep them in the loop. We've perfected the art of making tenants happy. :)

what happens if you send out a contractor and they discover a much bigger problem?

We have an expert customer service team that immediately calls you, texts you, and emails you when we can no longer continue working on a maintenance issue. We get in touch with you if the circumstances of a work order changes, if a tenant is completely unreachable, or if a problem is too big for our team to handle.

what if a work order goes over budget?

Our contractors do not work if it looks like the job will be over budget. In fact, we don't even let contractors submit invoices if they're over budget. Our customer service team immediately reaches out to you with a phone call and a text if a job is over budget to get approval. 

how can you do this for free?

We operate across the USA and complete thousands of work orders every month. This means we have a lot of important maintenance work to do. So our expert contractors become members of the Latchel network and they pay a fee to be a member with Latchel.

why is the paid version so much cheaper than all your competitors?

Before we became maintenance experts, we were software experts. We use a lot of software to automate tasks that make our team incredibly efficient. We pass these efficiencies on to our customers by offering the best maintenance coordination service on the market for less than half the cost of anybody else. All thanks to the feat of math and engineering!