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Property Manager Questions

Residents can submit maintenance requests in 3 ways:

  • Call
  • Text
  • Online Dashboard


Upon signing up with Latchel, we’ll provide you and your residents with a dedicated maintenance phone number.

This phone number is created using your local area code(s). 

We’ll always respond to all resident requests in 60 seconds or less.

Get a full deep dive on our process here.

An experienced property manager or contractor troubleshoots and dispatches your work. Everyone on our troubleshooting team has at least 2 years experience in property management and maintenance. Many of our employees come from a general contracting background. We understand maintenance and we know a good priced contractor from a bad one.

You choose your budget limits and we enforce them.

If any work will be over budget, we escalate to you (or someone else that you designate) to get approval.

To get a full picture of everything residents will get with the Home Assistant Amenity package, head to

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Property Managers
For the fastest response from our support team, please login to your Latchel account and use the Support Chat.
Latchel Residents

For the fastest response, please call or text the Latchel phone number provided to you by your property manager. 

Latchel Vendors

For the fastest response, please text us at

(206) 899-0029

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