Case Study

HomeRoom Coliving

Market: Texas & Midwest       Doors: 161

From a fine-tuned and collaborative member matching process, to engaging community events, to never-ending pursuit of the best renting amenities on the planet – HomeRoom Coliving has elevated the home-sharing concept to a new level. Serving a wide range of locations in Texas and the Midwest, HomeRoom Coliving is continuing their expansion with more rentals to come in Atlanta, GA, Raleigh/Durham/Charlotte, NC, and Houston, TX.

HomeRoom Coliving came across Latchel in early 2020 and has been a game changer for their maintenance operations. They realized early on how powerful Latchel’s maintenance platform was when they had an emergency maintenance issue come in and Latchel was able to immediately dispatch a vendor within their budget and quickly resolve the problem, without HomeRoom needing to touch a single thing.

CEO/Owner, Johnny Wolff, says:

“So what you don’t want as a CEO is to be burning a lot of time on operations when you’re really trying to drive for sales and revenue. You want as much of that time to be streamlined, so, like I said, the second our team committed and realized how valuable Latchel could be, it was within a few weeks of that where we really kind of turned a corner and maintenance became something that wasn’t a huge concern of ours.”

At Latchel, resident satisfaction is our top priority and providing residents with top-notch maintenance coordination is what we do best. We look forward to continuing our partnership with HomeRoom for years to come and are excited to watch them continue to grow and expand.

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