What are the benefits of growing your property management company with a fully remote team? And, how do you systematize your business so that a fully remote team can still thrive? We sat down with Erin Landis and Angela Gonzales, the founders of Moxie Property Management based in Texas, to dive into how they’ve been able to run their company fully remote.

Moxie PM is about 5 years old and manages between 200 – 225 doors in 5 different counties in Texas. Another thing setting them apart from many other property management companies out there is that their style of management offers an a-la-carte type menu of services as well as full service management. Sometimes their jobs are only a few weeks long depending on the needs of the self managing clients. For them, many of their clients transition into full time management after getting an idea of how the company works via one-off projects.

Latchel is also a fully remote company that has learned how to keep communication tight enough to operate without the overhead costs of an office housing all the employees. Watch the full session below to get the full scoop:

Moxie Property Management are clients of Latchel, using our services to take on maintenance requests, giving them more time to focus on more important things, like growing their business. To learn more about Moxie and their pricing and services visit www.rentmoxie.com.

About Latchel

At Latchel, we offer a virtual concierge to residents that helps property managers truly grow and scale their business at no cost to the property manager.

We do this in 3 main ways:

  1. Increasing Your Annual Revenue: Management companies create a new revenue stream of $6/unit per month by partnering with Latchel.
  2. Increasing Your Resident Retention: Management companies see a 40% reduction in resident attrition within a year of implementing Latchel. (and)
  3. Increasing Your 5-star Resident Reviews Online: Management companies see 5-Star reviews increase by 10x after partnering with Latchel.

By including our maintenance coordination services at no cost, property managers also save up to 80% of the time they normally spend on maintenance.

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