Case Study

Luna Properties

Market: Bozeman, Montana       Doors: 748

Luna Properties is a full-service property management company based in Bozeman, Montana. 

Luna Properties found Latchel at the beginning of 2022 when they realized they needed extra support for their maintenance department. While they were using a different software at the time, this was still an overwhelming process for their team. Luna Properties needed a solution that offered faster service for their residents.

Since partnering with Latchel, Luna Properties’ workload has decreased immensely. They’ve been able to take a step back while still being kept in the loop with Latchel’s notifications and dashboard where they have access to all their maintenance data.

Luna Properties’ owner, Shannon Weber, mentions that since using Latchel, she’s noticed the amount of work orders go down which can be attributed to Latchel’s video troubleshooting services. She says:

 “My most favorite part about Latchel is the 24/7 video troubleshooting option for the tenants. I feel like that is an awesome service and it’s helping resolve simple issues that otherwise would have taken more time for us to call in or Latchel would call a third party vendor and where we live, those vendors are going to charge you $100 just to come out to see what’s going on.”

Not only has Luna Properties been able to improve their maintenance coordination process but they’ve been able to enhance their residents’ experience by leveraging Latchel’s resident amenity hub in their Resident Benefits Package. They’ve been able to offer their residents perks that are supportive to their lifestyle and have gotten a lot of tangible value out of that.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Luna Properties and look forward to continuing to support them along the way.

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