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Preventative Maintenance: The Unsung Hero of Property Management

The Latchel Team
May 8, 2019
Preventative Maintenance: The Unsung Hero of Property Management

In the world of property management, the unsung hero is preventative maintenance. Its noble nature is in its silence, so it is often overlooked. Yet it is the single biggest driver of net operating income because less property maintenance = more time for the growth of your business. Not to mention happier tenants.

In all great success stories, the hero is the character that cleans up the mess. It’s the surgeon that removes the tumor, the detective that chases down the criminal, the fearless firefighters that save structures and endure the flames of fatal destruction.

But the heroes who prevent disaster from striking don’t get any credit. That’s what we’re here to talk about. It is time for the superhero archetypes to take a coffee break.

Over 92% of property managers say that handling maintenance holds them back from growing. It sucks up time and prevents focus. So, the overarching question becomes: how can we reduce time spent on reactive maintenance by giving more time to preventative maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance: The Unsung Hero of Property Management

Below are some preventative maintenance items that landlords and property managers should be regularly doing to save time and money:

Preventative Maintenance

1. Regularly check the batteries on the smoke and carbon detectors

Given they let out arguably the most irritating sound that we have the biological ability to hear, they prevent life altering liabilities. Make sure these always have power.

2. Keep the great outdoors great

Any trees or other large outdoor fixings should be cut away from electrical wires or buildings proactively before they become an expensive risk.

3. Check for areas of potential mold growth

Mold damage leading to tenant illness has also led to some of the most expensive lawsuits. Mold is good for cheese lovers, bad for the drywall of your properties and the bodies of your tenants. Take the time to ensure your properties have no leaks and are safe and habitable in this way.

4. Have a regular cleaning schedule for filters & venting systems

Filters in HVAC systems should be checked and replaced regularly, along with the filters for washers and dryers. All venting systems, swimming pools, and building exterior should be maintained regularly as well.

All of the above actions can help minimize emergency maintenance situations saving you time and money.

For when those emergency situations do inevitably come up, Latchel has 24/7 emergency maintenance services available so you can still spend time on more important things. To learn more, sign up for our email list below.

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