Resident Benefits

Turn residents into raving fans

Latchel’s Resident Benefits give your residents a centralized hub of top-tier lifestyle and financial perks that they won’t want to live without. 


Elevate your resident's lifestyle
and protect their finances

Easy & Fast Scheduling

Resident’s can schedule concierge services and resident responsible repairs in less than 60 seconds.

$1,000 of financial protection

Residents hate losing money because of an accidental maintenance damage. They get $1,000 of damage coverage. Live la vida loca.

Account Executive
Full In App Benefit Hub

You can add custom benefits into the Latchel benefits dashboard so residents have one place for all their amenities.

The lifestyle your residents crave

With Latchel’s Resident Benefits, not only does our platform elevate your residents’ maintenance experience, we also connect them with pros who can tackle home chores.

House Cleaning

One of the most requested services!

Lawn Care

Very popular when this is resident responsible.

All House Chores
We mount TVs, assemble furniture, and fix resident responsible items before move-out.
Carpet Cleaning

Residents often request a carpet cleaning when their move-out date approaches.

Move-out Assistance

Residents often request help to pack and load their truck during move-out.

Junk/Furniture Removal

A common request we find long term residents requesting.

Save residents money. We think
they’ll appreciate it.

Resident-caused damages get resolved faster when Latchel covers the costs – up to $1k in cash reimbursements for things like:

Plumbing clogs

We'll drain your pipes, not your wallet.

Garbage Disposals

Overestimated the power of your garbage disposal? You won't have to dispose of your money to fix it.


Forgot your keys inside? Lock-outs are covered so you can keep your cash locked in.

A Hub of Extra Financial Protection Benefits

Cash Back on Insurance Policies

Residents get rewarded with cash back on renters, and even auto insurance.

Rewards for Rent Payments

Residents can get kick-back rewards for on time rent payments.

Cash Back on Shared House Bills

Residents can easily split shared house bills (like cable, wifi, cellular, etc.) and get cash back rewards!

Have custom benefits you’d like to add to the resident benefits dashboard?
We’ve made it easy to add your own resident benefits, and customize what your residents have access to!  

Our Resident Benefits

Access dozens of amenities like cash back on accidental damage, insurance, and more!


Missed Appointment Fee Reimbursement

If residents get charged a trip fee for a missed maintenance appointment, they can submit it to Latchel & get reimbursed for 50% of the cost.


Overnight Stay Reimbursement

Residents can get reimbursed for a night at a hotel if a resident contacts their emergency maintenance line about a habitable emergency.


Free Drain Maintenance Packs

Residents can request drain unclogging snakes in the mail to help reduce the need for plumbers and handyman services.


Free Security Deposit Review

Our Industry experts will do an independent review of Resident’s security deposit charges to evaluate them against market-rate.


Move-in Promise

If your resident’s move-in maintenance isn’t complete within 2 weeks after they move in, we’ll send them a $50 gift card to Doordash.


Lockout Reimbursement

Lockouts happen to everyone. Residents get a one time use benefit up to $50 in reimbursement for a lockout.


$1,000 in Damage Reimbursements

Receive up to $1,000 in reimbursements for accidental damages or lockouts thanks to Latchel Home Assistant.

Get 15% off Bedding on Any Purchase

Unlimited discounts on soft, sustainable, eucalyptus sheets, mattresses, comforters, duvet covers, pillowcases, and more!

Build Credit with Your Rent

Report your on-time rent payments to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion to build credit. Latchel residents have no enrollment fee ($10 off).

Moving Concierge

Get personalized help for your move-in or move-out, utility set-up, find movers, discounts, and more!

Mobile Banking App

Get $500 advanced, get paid up to 2 days early, and earn up to 15% cash back with Dave’s mobile banking app.

Cash Rewards on Insurance Policies

Earn 700+ marbles ($7+) when you sign up, add at least one active policy, and take control of your insurance.

Get Peace of Mind

Take less than 20 minutes to write or update your legal will for FREE. Enter your information, and they’ll create a customized will.

Identity Theft Protection

Get exclusive discounts on protection plans, $1M stolen funds reimbursement, identity monitoring, and more!

Affordable services for residents

Latchel Resident Benefits help your residents schedule and organize their schedules by offering services like: housekeeping, lawn care, furniture assembly, tv mounting, laundry services and so much more. We dispatch pros that fit your budget and availability. Oh yeah, no cost to you.


Video calling

Proactive video troubleshooting helps resolve problems on the spot so residents can live comfortably without waiting for help. Residents have the flexibility to submit tickets via text, calling in, or logging into your account.

Add new revenue streams for a stronger business

Implementing Latchel as a service to your residents adds thousands of dollars in new revenue every month.

Solve your maintenance pain and increase your revenue!