Case Study

Real Property Management Affiliates

Market: Houston, TX       Doors: 71

Real Property Management Affiliates operates in Houston, Texas and helps you protect your investment, provide comprehensive professional service, minimize your costs and maximize your income.

Real Property Management Affiliates was looking to improve their maintenance processes, particularly after hours and dealing with emergencies. RPM Affiliates came across Latchel and has been able to save time and get that peace of mind knowing Latchel is on top of these maintenance calls.

In additional, RPM Affiliates loves that Latchel has been able to help improve their overall resident experience through, not only impeccable maintenance coordination, but through our resident amenity hub. They have received great feedback from their residents, especially in regards to our $1,000 cash back on resident-caused damage.

RPM Affiliate’s President, John McGuire, says:

“The other benefit that a lot of tenants have already expressed interest in and have been happy to use has been the $1,000 in tenant reimbursements for any damages that they may cause on accident or whatever the case may be. I think that’s a great benefit for the tenants but it also benefits the owners because it encourages the tenants to report damages or to report issues sooner rather than later without having to worry as much about the out-of-pocket expense that they may incur.”

We look forward to helping RPM Affiliates continue to deliver an unbeatable experience to their residents while increase their revenue per unit.

To learn more about Real Property Management Affiliates, visit their website by clicking here.

To learn more about how Latchel can help your property management company streamline your processes while enhancing your resident experience, request a demo today by clicking here

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