Payout Details

How it works

On the first Friday of the month, Latchel pays you for referring customers to us. It doesn’t matter if they’re 1 unit landlords or 5,000 unit property management empires. You get a lifetime residual of a 5-10% payout every month from your referral’s recurring Latchel payment.

payout schedule

Tier 1: You get a 5% payout when your total customer referrals is greater than $1/month.

Tier 2: You get a 7.5% payout when your total customer referrals is greater than $10,000/month.

Tier 3: You get a 10% payout when your total customer referrals is greater than $25,000/month.

How to Refer Someone

You can refer someone by connecting us to them via email. Send an email to and make sure to CC the person that you think would be a great fit for our service. This makes it super easy for our team to track which customers were referred by YOU! If you’ve never referred anyone before, we’ll get back in touch with you over email to arrange mailing your monthly check.

That’s it! Simply send us an email to with your referral CC’ed and you’ll be on your way to making truly passive income.

it gets even better

Latchel's Referral Program.png

Our referral program gets even better. If you refer someone and they refer someone, we’ll even pass you a payout for your referral’s referral. Here’s how it works:

  1. You refer someone and get anywhere between 5-10% of their monthly Latchel payment based on your Referral Tier.

  2. If your referral refers someone, (i.e. a 2nd degree referral) you get an additional 2.5% of their monthly Latchel payment. It is the best way to build a passive income stream.

  3. You get an additional 1% payout for your 3rd degree referrals.

Success Stories


Property Managers and Realtors are the hubs of the neighborhood. You know when a fellow property manager or a landlord in the community needs a service like Latchel. You can start building truly passive income streams by referring them to Latchel.

We have realtors, property managers, and even consultants making hundreds of dollars a month in extra income simply by referring others to Latchel. If you know a landlord in your neighborhood that isn't a good fit for your property management service, make money by referring them to Latchel. If you know another property manager still waking up for midnight maintenance calls, make money by referring them to Latchel!

Help Us Make Latchel Better

Help us in our mission to make maintenance in your neighborhood a lot simpler. The more customers we have in your area, the more negotiating power we have with vendors. One of our big missions is to make vendor sourcing and assignment super fast and affordable. When we coordinate maintenance on more homes in your area, it means Latchel has more buying power with high quality vendors in your neighborhood!