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Market: North America       Doors: ~18,000

RHOME is a premier North American property management and leasing company providing unparalleled customer service to owners and tenants in both the single family and multi-family markets across the United States and Canada.

RHOME was looking to integrate with a company to offer support to help handle the bandwidth of their operations.

Latchel has been able to help RHOME fill that void by diagnosing their maintenance issues, handling the maintenance calls, and more. Latchel has also allowed RHOME to provide an unbeatable rental experience to their residents by being more responsive to their maintenance needs.

Director, Leasing & Sales UT and Realtor, Bryce Ross, says:

“Customer service of the Latchel team is pretty much beyond any other third party integration we work with. So, we have a fairly dedicated concierge person and that’s not just what Maddie is, but that’s how we feel. We feel like we have very personal service with Latchel and it’s been very helpful, in the setup, in the continuance of using. She’s been with us for a full year of just being there for everything we need. So, help diagnose and troubleshoot and even take our suggestions and make it better for us and better for Latchel, which has been really nice to see.”

We look forward to helping RHOME continue to provide their residents with a high-level of service.

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