Notice: This is not meant for anyone using an integration or the Latchel data sync plugin. 

This guide is specifically made to teach you how to manually send Latchel work orders via your Property Management software system. Chances are, within your system you already have a process you follow as a Property Manager to assign work orders to a vendor. You’ll want to create Latchel as a vendor and follow this same process, however, instead of assigning a real vendor, you’ll assign Latchel as the vendor on the work order.

This is the best practice for ensuring Latchel has all the information required to successfully process your work order and that your work order is actionable. To be considered actionable, a work order must clearly contain the following:

  1. The address where work is to be performed
    • The address should be complete and searchable using Google Maps or comparable mapping software. If the address is not searchable (e.g. private roads not yet mapped in public databases), we request you include navigation instructions in the work order description.
  2. Tenant name and contact information clearly displayed
    • Include tenant phone number at a minimum and their resident’s email, if available.
    •  If the unit is vacant, you must include access instructions for the vendor.
  3. A clear description of the work to be performed
    • Most systems automatically include the unedited tenant request, so we rely on either the vendor instructions or guidance in the work order description.

We will receive these requests via email. Our inboxes our checked 24/7, however, it could take up to 3-hours for our team to create the work order in Latchel. If you need to send our team an emergency, please create the work order directly in your portal, call your emergency line, or have your resident call in.


  • Objective
  • Content
    • Step-by-Step Guide
    • Examples of actionable work orders received by this setup:
      • Buildium Example
      • Propertyware Example

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Log in to your Property Management software system

Step 2. Create Latchel as a vendor using the email, and username “Team Latchel”.

This is the process that is best suited for receiving actionable work orders by email. We will not receive all the information if we are set up as a Property Manager in your system. 

Step 3. Follow your standard process and assign Team Latchel as the vendor on your work order.

Some systems don’t have automation in place to trigger an email after vendor assignment, if applicable, make sure you SUBMIT the work order to Team Latchel to trigger an email (some software systems will skip this step).

Examples of Actionable Work Orders Received by This Setup:

Buildium Example

Propertyware Example

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