Case Study

South Bay Home Rental

Market: South Bay, CA       Doors: 71

South Bay Home Rental is a small scale property management company serving the South Bay California area. South Bay assists with rental marketing, rent collection, inspections, tenant screening, maintenance, and enforcement.

South Bay was searching for a solution to more steadily jump on service requests. As their company grew, it became difficult for their team to keep up with maintenance requests and coordination.

After stumbling upon Latchel in 2020, South Bay has been able to significantly improve their maintenance processes and resident experience while giving their team time back to focus on other important day-to-day operations.

CEO, Marcus Teixeira, says:

“I found a lot of value working with Latchel and the Latchel team to really customize our service based on our own needs, especially for some of my clients that have home warranties or preferred service vendors.”

Since using Latchel, all of their residents have been able to work with an extremely responsive maintenance team and get issues resolved more quickly and efficiently. All of their emergency requests have been handled under 23 hours from when the job was first inputted.

South Bay has also been able to eliminate a lot of communication and unnecessary dispatching with Latchel’s video troubleshooting service, allowing issues to be resolved or de-escalated through a video chat directly with residents.

We’re excited for South Bay’s success and can’t wait to continue to watch them excel in their market.

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