Webinar Series: Navigating Market Consolidation - Part I

How to Determine & Drive Up the Value of a Property Management Company

Live Event: Thursday, August 25th from 1 - 2pm PT/ 4 - 5pm ET
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Webinar: How to Drive Up the Value of Your PM Company
Webinar: How to Drive Up the Value of Your PM Company

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Webinar Details:

Date: Thursday, August 25th

Time: 1-2pm PT  / 4-5pm ET

Platform: Goldcast

Cost: Free

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Ethan is the CEO of Latchel, a maintenance automation & resident experience platform for Property Managers looking to take the headache out of maintenance, and generate a new revenue stream. 

With Latchel being a high-growth, venture-backed company, Ethan knows the ins and outs of determining company valuation, and keeps a strong pulse on key industry trends.

As the host of the Latchel Property Management Podcast, he’s always keen on seeking and sharing the kinds of conversations that drive the industry forward. 

And, as a serial entrepreneur, Ethan also has direct experience in valuing and selling a company. 


Daniel Craig is passionate about helping entrepreneurs make the most of their God-given talents and believes that financial clarity is crucial to driving commitment and change toward breakthrough profitability. 

He is co-author of the NARPM Accounting Standards and the CEO of ProfitCoach, a property management-focused financial services company with the mission of helping PM entrepreneurs expand their personal freedoms of time, finances, and purpose, by building highly profitable, self-managing PM businesses. He is blessed to be husband to Megan and father of three children and loves (almost) every minute of it.

Upcoming Series Sessions:

You’ll hear from two different property managers on the benefits and drawbacks of each: one who has sold his company, and one who says she never will. 

You’ll hear from a panel of industry giants who are actively seeking companies to acquire. You’ll learn different types of acquisition strategies, and what each respective one looks for in a company when acquiring. 

Webinar Brief: Navigating Market Consolidation - Pt 1

If you’ve read our blog on the 2022 Industry Trends or if you attended this year’s PM Grow Summit, then you already know how much focus there’s been on market consolidation within the normally fragmented property management world. 

With a lot of institutional and venture backed money being poured into the SFR space, many larger companies are out on the hunt to buy up smaller companies. Hence, our blog post on How to Value a Property Management Company has skyrocketed in clicks. 

  • Companies looking to sell want to make sure they’re selling to the right companies at the right price. 
  • Companies looking to acquire want to make sure they’re buying the right companies at the right price. 
  • Companies who fit neither of those categories are still looking for ways to drive up the value of their company so that they can remain competitive against a growing amount of industry giants. 
Part 1 of this multi-session series will focus on: 
 1. What’s the big picture? What key factors are driving this market consolidation trend and how it’s projected to effect the industry long term. 
2. What it means for Property Management Companies: What you need to know to make the decision around prepping for an exit, prepping to stay independently competitive, or developing acquisition strategies & opportunities. 
3. How to determine the value of a Property Management company: Learn how to calculate your valuation with the industry-standard key metrics in mind.  

4. What levers you can pull now to drive up the value of your company: Learn the “do-or-die” metrics necessary to leverage growth & what other Property Managers are doing to drive up their value.