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What's Next For Rental Demand?

Economic Trends Every Property Manager Should Know to Fuel Growth


Turning Data Into Strategy

Sometimes the best crystal ball comes in the form of years worth of historical data applied to the best practices of probability theory. But, with some uncommon fluctuations in rental demand trends over the past few years, is it possible to predict the next few? 

Jeff Tucker, Sr. Economist at Zillow, recently held a session at the NARPM Southern States conference detailing how the uncommon rental market trends over the last few years are predicted to change looking forward. 

We wanted to know what it all means for how Property Managers, and how they can adjust their strategies for growth – so we invited him to a Q&A to dive even deeper. 

Luckily, he doesn’t ever get tired of talking about data. 

You’ll want to tune in to learn: 

  • How to unpack the fluctuating Rental Market data over the last few years. 
  • Where rent growth remains strong and where it doesn’t 
  • How the demographics for renters have changed over the last few years. 
  • How exactly trends have changed by property type. 
  • What this all means for what’s next. 
  • How to turn this data into strategy. 

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