If you have been putting off implementing a client feedback management policy, this is the perfect time to shift your attention away from new customers to enhancing existing customer experiences. Property management is one of the few industries that does best through referrals and word of mouth growth. Making sure your customers are happy puts you in the best position to grow. Some of the suggestions below are exactly how we do customer feedback at Latchel. The real important part is that you have some type of process implemented to act on customer feedback and continuously improve.

Online reviews and social recommendations frequently differentiate which brands grow and which ones languish and die. How do you get started? Start by requesting testimonials, and carefully tracking social media mentions and examine external sites.

It is easier than you might think. Did you know that asking someone if they believe they’re a useful person, prior to asking them for a favor, boosts your chances of gathering survey data by more than 75%?

Remember this when requesting owners and tenants complete a survey regarding property management policies and service response. Here are a few ways to get your survey out there:

  • Posting social media surveys

  • Employing guest registration cards on your website

  • Completing face-to-face interviews with prospects and current tenants

4 Ways to Get the Most From Customer Feedback

Prepare yourself. Some reviews are barbarous — some justified, and other will raise your spirits!

Of course, collecting information about consumer experiences is only the initial step. The best way to respond to reviews — positive and negative — is the most crucial part of transforming the customer experience. Customer service experts use these four strategies to manage their online reputations:

1. Say thank you, acknowledging all favorable customer opinions. This is necessary and valued.

2. What if you get negative feedback? First, apologize. Then take steps to be certain a similar bad experience never happens in the future. Let’s say you encounter a negative review from a renter who claims they waited hours overnight to get a response for maintenance while seeing the toilet overflowing, sending water down the hallway, soaking carpets and everything. If you have relied upon an after-hours answering machine (poor idea for this reason), you can correct a slow response problem by:

  • Using a 24-hour or after-hours coverage solution like Latchel.

  • Forwarding your main line to an on-call representative.

  • Employing online maintenance request technology that instantly sends a paged call to employees.

3. Update your response detailing any firm changes to the process that yo’ve made, and thank all commenters for their feedback.

4. Deploy technology. Everywhere. Technology allows you to instantly respond to digital questions, and gather vital data which may be used with reviews to form the consumer experience.

Reviews and recommendations figure into the way Facebook and Google rank your business. Showcase your brand by implementing an exceptional customer feedback management policy, one which embraces all input as an opportunity to build stronger connections that garner favorable reviews and recommendations.

About Latchel

At Latchel, we offer a virtual concierge to residents that helps property managers truly grow and scale their business at no cost to the property manager.

We do this in 3 main ways:

  1. Increasing Your Annual Revenue: Management companies create a new revenue stream of $6/unit per month by partnering with Latchel.
  2. Increasing Your Resident Retention: Management companies see a 40% reduction in resident attrition within a year of implementing Latchel. (and)
  3. Increasing Your 5-star Resident Reviews Online: Management companies see 5-Star reviews increase by 10x after partnering with Latchel.

By including our maintenance coordination services at no cost, property managers also save up to 80% of the time they normally spend on maintenance.

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