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7 Unique Ways For Property Managers To Attract New Leads and Clients

The Latchel Team
June 28, 2023
Property Managers

One of the foremost goals that you will have for your property management company is to attract as many new property owner leads as possible. More leads means more clients, and more clients mean more revenue.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to get more interested property owners in your funnel and on your rent roll.

Here are 7 unique ways you can attract more leads and future clients as a property manager:

  1. Team Up with Other Companies Who Also Serve Property Owners
  2. Keep Your Website Up-to-Date and Mobile Friendly
  3. Flex Your Personal Brand
  4. Offer Special Deals to New Property Owners
  5. Use Your Current Customer Base
  6. Follow Up With Old Property Management Leads
  7. Use and Monitor Google and Yelp Reviews

1. Team Up with Other Companies Who Also Serve Property Owners 

One of the problems you face as a small business is the lack of brand recognition. Fortunately, there is something you can do to alleviate that concern AND help you get more clients: collaborate with other businesses that serve your target market without being in direct competition with you. 

Team up with a business that complements your services. Teaming up allows you to borrow another company’s integrity and history, boosting your visibility and potentially increasing the number of new customers entering your sales funnel. Other local service providers like plumbers, contractors, and handymen would be great companies to partner with.

2. Keep Your Website Up-to-Date and Mobile Friendly 

One of the best ways your company can attract new property owners is through your website. However, that will not happen with a dilapidated and poorly updated site. You need to ensure that when people first find your business that they are impressed and able to access whatever they need. 

Your website will likely be the first impression potential property owner clients get of your company. Your site must also be mobile-friendly, as many consumers do their search on a mobile device and will be frustrated if your property management website is not even mobile-friendly.

3. Flex Your Personal Brand

Your company may not have a well-known brand, but that may be a non-issue if you have a strong personal brand. You can use your expertise and property management industry know-how to generate buzz for your endeavor. 

HOW? Getting your face and knowledge out into the world. Writing articles for relevant sources, speaking at panels, promoting your company on social media – all those acts and more can help you use your personal brand to give your property management company more legitimacy.

4. Offer Special Deals to New Property Owners

Discounts and promotions aren’t just for loyal clients. Entice people into choosing you over other property managers by offering the first month-or-two of management services for free. 

It might cost you a bit in the short term, but it might be just what you need to convince people who are on the fence about who they should trust their rental property with. Should you choose this approach, keep any and all data you can, so you can further refine the new lead generation strategy for future campaigns.

5. Use Your Current Customer Base 

If you want to get new customers, one of the best ways to do so is by asking your current customers to refer other rental owners to your business. 

Asking people to refer friends and family to you can work if you have limited resources. However, referrals will work better if you offer an incentive, such as gift cards or referral fees (if referral fees are allowed by your State real estate laws).

6. Follow Up With Old Property Management Leads

Not all of your leads are ready to get started from the jump. Many of those potential clients are ignoring you intentionally, some may be distracted by other issues in their life, while others will simply forget.

You can recapture some of your old leads and transform them into “new” clients with a little follow-up strategy. Come up with a consistent system you can use to keep in touch with old leads so that you stay top-of-mind.

7. Use and Monitor Google and Yelp Reviews

Most property owners are going to look at your online reviews on Google and/or Yelp before deciding to fill out a form on your website or call you. You need to ensure that they see as many positive reviews as possible, so encourage happy property owners and tenants to leave a positive review on the site of their choice.

If you’re using Latchel for your maintenance coordination services, your tenant reviews (average of 4.8/5 stars for tenant satisfaction) will be automatically pushed to your site, giving your marketing a boost.

Additionally, you need to monitor review sites and respond to any negative comments that come up. That will make sure that even if a consumer sees that negative review they will also see that you are quick to respond to any issues your clients and renters have.

Getting new leads for your property management company is not all that difficult, but it is something that you will need to consciously work on and improve. The sooner you work on your lead generation strategies, the sooner you can develop a larger client base and succeed as a property management entrepreneur.

As our world becomes more and more virtual, Property Managers are being pushed into a more digital way of doing business. Property management marketing automation software and tools are becoming abundant, and widely adopted. Learn about The Top 3 Property Management Marketing Companies that can help automate your marketing processes here.

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About the Author:

Landon Murie is the founder and director of SEO for Goodjuju. Goodjuju specializes in digital marketing and growth for residential property management companies.

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