This past week we sat down with Blais Case, Senior Consultant of Rent Bridge Group, a company based out of Texas that provides software to help property management companies grow and scale by mastering workflow and marketing automation. Their end goal is to ultimately allow property managers to manage more doors with more efficiency and less overhead cost – to empower property managers to work smarter, not harder. 

Before joining Rent Bridge Group, Blais was working for a contracting company that had recently been bought out before he began doing inspections for a few property management companies. A few months later, he began working for the well known management company Birdie Properties. What he noticed right away was that there was so much “white noise” and mundane work that needed to be done and the concept of any automation, period, was obsolete – enter Rent Bridge Group. 

In the session, Blais dives into the details of exactly how Rent Bridge helps property management companies integrate workflow and marketing automation to allow tremendous growth without eliminating the current team. His advice to property managers looking to grow and scale? Don’t be afraid of technology and third party services. 

Watch the full session below:


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At Latchel, we offer a virtual concierge to residents that helps property managers truly grow and scale their business at no cost to the property manager.

We do this in 3 main ways:

  1. Increasing Your Annual Revenue: Management companies create a new revenue stream of $6/unit per month by partnering with Latchel.
  2. Increasing Your Resident Retention: Management companies see a 40% reduction in resident attrition within a year of implementing Latchel. (and)
  3. Increasing Your 5-star Resident Reviews Online: Management companies see 5-Star reviews increase by 10x after partnering with Latchel.

By including our maintenance coordination services at no cost, property managers also save up to 80% of the time they normally spend on maintenance.

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