The realm of marketing in property management can be a very fragmented place making it hard to increase leads for rental properties. To truly accelerate growth for your company, the marketing muscles need to be flexed a bit.  There are a lot of channels out there to market your rental properties, so the question to accelerate growth becomes: how can you maximize the extension of your reach and minimize the time spent filling units?

Systems and tools should be put into place to create a well oiled machine. Companies like FourAndHalf were created to help property managers do just that. We sat down with Michael Lushington, the COO of FourAndHalf, and Brittany Stephens, the Director of Client Success at FourAndHalf to dig into how their mix of education and marketing automation has helped launch the growth of property management companies nationwide.

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About Latchel

At Latchel, we offer a virtual concierge to residents that helps property managers truly grow and scale their business at no cost to the property manager.

We do this in 3 main ways:

  1. Increasing Your Annual Revenue: Management companies create a new revenue stream of $6/unit per month by partnering with Latchel.
  2. Increasing Your Resident Retention: Management companies see a 40% reduction in resident attrition within a year of implementing Latchel. (and)
  3. Increasing Your 5-star Resident Reviews Online: Management companies see 5-Star reviews increase by 10x after partnering with Latchel.

By including our maintenance coordination services at no cost, property managers also save up to 80% of the time they normally spend on maintenance.

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