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Sr. Sales Recruiter

The Latchel Team
January 8, 2022
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Latchel is a home repair and maintenance platform designed to help property managers handle their maintenance operations easily and at little to no cost. We service over 80,000 homes across over 400 customers in all 50 states of the US. We’re growing rapidly and need a Sr. Sales Recruiter to continue our rapid growth trajectory.

Our Value Proposition

  • Property managers operate on razor-thin margins. They spend more time coordinating maintenance than any other activity and it’s a thankless job. In fact, a poor maintenance experience is the #1 complaint from renters.
  • Latchel offers a world-class maintenance operating platform that enables property managers to earn an average of 4.8/5 star reviews on their maintenance operation. Latchel’s business model is also designed so that most property managers can earn money by deploying Latchel.

Our Challenges

  1. We’re growing extremely rapidly and want to be able to keep up this pace. To this end, we need a strong pipeline of business development talent.
  2. Our team is 100% fully remote and recruiting early career professionals who will thrive in a remote environment can be challenging.
  3. Our sales are primarily outbound, so outreach and prospecting must be a core component of our sales process. Finding people who enjoy this is often difficult.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Enjoys the challenge and pace of high velocity recruiting. 
  • Already has connections with colleges, professional development programs and other sources of potential talent.
  • Enjoys being in charge: you will be the most senior recruiter on the team–you will dictate the process to follow and be the champion for change.
  • Rapid learner and highly adaptable: property management tech works differently than other tech industries (even different from other proptech industries), so you’re willing to discard old habits that don’t serve you well and invent new ones.
  • Is looking for a long-term commitment: this is a full-time position with benefits and equity. We aren’t looking for a contingency recruiter or contract position. 
  • You are strongly aligned with Latchel’s Leadership Principles: https://latchel.com/latchels-leadership-principles/

Sr. Sales Recruiter Core Expectations

  • Source, screen, and guide new sales development candidates through the interview process up to and including signing an offer letter. After that point, our other HR team members will take over.
  • Create relationships with colleges, professional development programs, clubs, and other sources of potential new candidates.
  • Manage any job postings, advertising, etc. necessary for creating a qualified candidate pipeline.
  • Develop and refine your search, screening and interviewing processes to create the highest possible return on your efforts.
  • Coordinate interviews and guide candidates through the interview process so they have a positive experience regardless of the hiring outcome.


We have a unique compensation structure. We let employees pick their preferred mix of salary and equity. This ranges depending on your experience and selection. Sr. Recruiter roles typically have $96k – $137k/year in salary + equity (0.03% – 0.14%).

We also have great medical, dental, and vision plans nationwide, plus 401k matching (4%) and other benefits, including up to 4 weeks of annual PTO, and a monthly budget for home office supplies.


  1. Email your resume to jobs@latchel.com. Make sure the email subject includes [Sales Recruiter] (with the square brackets).
  2. In your application, answer the following question: How do you typically gauge whether someone with limited or no work experience is a good fit for a professional position? 
  3. A member of the Latchel team will reach out to schedule a brief informational call.
  4. After that call, we will schedule a panel interview (typically three interviews, 45 minutes each). We will then give you our decision within a few business days.

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👋 Join us for a special webinar Thursday, January 11th