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The Top 3 Property Management Inspection Software and Automation Tools

The Latchel Team
April 27, 2022
Property Management Inspection Software

As our world becomes more and more virtual, Property Managers are being pushed into a more digital way of doing business. Property management inspection software and tools for nearly every realm of the business are becoming more and more abundant, widely adopted, and by now, is a minimum expectation of a well run property management company. 

In this article, we’ll break down a list of automated inspection tools available to work into your operations, allowing your business to run more efficiently and grow.

Property Management Inspection Software:

Automating inspections is a great way to significantly reduce field work for your team and head strong towards paperless inspections. There are many user friendly web and mobile platforms out there that can integrate with your base software to create more efficient and standardized inspections across all your units. Owners also appreciate easy and quick access to inspection reports and property conditions. Some of the best automating inspection softwares include:

1. RentCheck


RentCheck has a solution that empowers residents to easily complete inspections and encourages them to treat the property like an owner would. This time-saving solution offers:

  • Resident-led inspections
  • Automated reminders
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Consistent report
  • Customized inspections
  • Easy import

These features not only save you time but allow you to save money, work smarter, and focus on managing more units. 

RentCheck offers four different pricing packages starting at $5 per month and increases based on unit count. 

Learn more about this property management solution by tuning into our podcast session with RentCheck here.

2. OnSight PROS


OnSight PROS delivers thorough, photo-based reports that give you the documentation you need to effectively make decisions about the properties you manage. This automated inspection tool includes several types of reports, including:

  • Move-in/out
  • Initial/acquisition
  • Periodic/lease-renewal
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Kitchens
  • Sinks
  • Air filters
  • Smoke alarms
  • Doorstops

OnSite PROS helps protect yourself and your investment through these crucial reports made easy. 

To learn more about OnSite PROS and request pricing information, click here to contact a member from their team. 

3. EZ Inspections


EZ Inspections automates your manual routine and streamlines your property management process, allowing you to be more organized and productive. This automated inspection platform consists of three parts:

  • A website for process management
  • A mobile app for field data collection
  • And integration services to connect to your other software systems

EZ Inspections currently serves industries including long-term rental (single or multi-family), vacation and short-term rental, mortgage or insurance inspection, property preservation, BPO/REO management, site inspection, janitorial service, and more. 

Pricing will vary based on your industry. 

There are many more automation tools available for Property Managers, and more being developed as the industry changes. If you’re using a stellar inspection automation tool that we haven’t mentioned here, drop us a comment below.

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