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The Top 8 Basic Property Management Software and Automation Tools

The Latchel Team
April 15, 2022

As our world becomes more and more virtual, Property Managers are being pushed into a more digital way of doing business. Property Management automation software and tools for nearly every realm of the business are becoming more and more abundant, widely adopted, and by now, is a minimum expectation of a well run property management company.

In this article, we’ll break down a list of tools available to work into your operations, allowing your business to run more efficiently and grow.

Property Management Software:

Property management software is the most basic tool to help streamline processes. It helps property managers track leases, residents, collect rent and manage finances to reduce costs and streamline operations. Some of the popular softwares out there are:

Rent Manager


Rent Manager is a powerful property management software that combines all the features you need to run your business into a single integrated solution. This customizable platform is ideal for properties of every size and will allow property management companies to scale their business and run more efficiently. Rent Manager offers multiple tools, including:

  • Accounting
  • Reporting
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Business operations
  • Maintenance
  • Software customization

Rent Manager also has an open API and seamlessly integrates with dozens of property management technologies, including Latchel. This helps reduce any need for double entry, giving you time back to focus on the day-to-day responsibilities necessary to help you smoothly run your operation. For pricing information, click here to contact a member of the Rent Manager team.



Propertyware is a customizable, open platform designed for single family property management companies. This property management software allows you to create custom fields, dashboards and reports. With Propertyware, property management companies can:

  • Handle online leases
  • Manage properties through their portal
  • Track maintenance requests and work orders
  • Control online accounting and payments
  • Leverage marketing tools
  • Streamline tenant screening
  • And more!

This software also has an open API, which allows for two-way data connection, eliminating duplication, minimizing manual data entry risk, and increasing efficiency between Propertyware and other third-party systems, including Latchel.

Pricing ranges from $1 to $2 per unit, per month. Each pricing package requires a monthly minimum plus an implementation fee of two times the monthly subscription price.



Buildium allows landlords, professional property management companies, and self-managed condos and homeowners associations to take control of their portfolio and business by leveraging their residential and association management software. This property management software features several tools, including:

  • Property, company, and vendor accounting
  • Maintenance request management
  • Rental listing management
  • Resident screening
  • Community association management
  • Onboarding and customer support
  • Open API
  • And more!

Buildium offers three pricing packages ranging from $50 to $460 a month. No matter how many units you manage, Buildium is a simple, unified platform built for any company size.



Appfolio is an intuitive platform that allows property management companies to streamline their processes and manage their entire residential portfolio, no matter the market or size. With an easy-to-use online portal, Appfolio helps with:

  • Communication and service
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Maintenance and operations
  • Staffing and training
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Management and growth

From document management and performance insights to utility management and corporate accounting, Appfolio has all the tools you need to effectively run and grow your property management business. Pricing is dependent on portfolio type and ranges anywhere from $0.80 per unit, per month with a minimum monthly fee of $280 to $3 per unit, per month with a minimum monthly fee of $1,500.



RentRedi is an all-in-one property management software that gives landlords all the tools they need to manage their properties. The RentRedi app seamlessly connects landlords to their residents, allowing you to improve tenant experiences with unlimited support. This property management platform offers several valuable features, including:

  • Rental property accounting
  • Rent collection
  • Tenant screening
  • Pre-qualifications and applications
  • Maintenance requests and coordination
  • Listings and marketing
  • Resident and team communications

RentRedi offers three subscription plans to choose from, including $19.95 per month (renews monthly), $15 per month (renews every 6 months), and $9 per month (renews annually). If you are managing under 75 units, we recommend exploring RentRedi for your property management needs.



ResMan’s property management platform helps multifamily and affordable housing managers operate more efficiently and deliver higher rates of return to investors. This intuitive property management software offers multiple solutions, including:

  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Online leasing
  • Property management
  • And more!

For pricing information, click here to get in touch with one of ResMan’s property management experts.

Rentec Direct


Rentec Direct allows landlords and property managers to operate their business in the most efficient way possible. This comprehensive property management software gives you:

  • A professional website
  • Complete accounting system
  • Tenant screening
  • Resident online payments
  • Online file management
  • Publish vacancies online

In addition to these valuable features, Rentec Direct provides users with unlimited access to their U.S.-based client support. Pricing starts at $35 per month and increases depending on how many units you manage and if you choose a monthly or annual billing cycle.



At Latchel, we provide proprietary software to track maintenance requests, as well as a human call center to handle after hours, emergency, or all general maintenance calls depending on the level of service needed. Latchel responds to your maintenance requests in 60 seconds or less. Property managers who use Latchel are able to save up to 80% of time spent on maintenance.

We proactively troubleshoot all maintenance requests that come in, and by doing so, are able to resolve or de-escalate around 30% of all resident maintenance requests that come in.

We recently launched a video-based troubleshooting feature that helps resolve more issues over the phone, keeping residents and maintenance providers out of harm’s way. No downloads are necessary. Residents simply receive a link via text that opens a video chat.


What sets Latchel apart from the competition is the new 24/7 Home Assistant product, which helps property managers generate a new revenue stream by packaging our highly rated maintenance coordination services into a resident benefit package with a few other high quality resident benefits.

Last, Latchel significantly helps improve your reputation management ratings. Did you know that the industry average for job maintenance reviews is only 2.7% while the Latchel customer average is 20.2%!
Learn more about how Latchel can help streamline your property management business and grow your unit count by requesting a live demo today.

There are many more automation tools available for Property Managers, and more being developed as the industry changes. If you’re using a stellar automation service that we haven’t mentioned here, drop us a comment below.

Want to learn how Latchel can help you increase profitability and maintenance efficiency?

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