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Webinar Series: Navigating Market Consolidation - Part II

Selling Your Property Management Company vs Staying Independently Competitive

Thursday, September 8th @ 11:30am PT/ 2:30pm ET

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Webinar: Selling Your Property Management Company vs Staying Independently Competitive
Webinar: Selling Your Property Management Company vs Staying Independently Competitive
Webinar: Selling Your Property Management Company vs Staying Independently Competitive

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Date: Thursday, September 8th

Time: 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET

Platform: Crowdcast

Cost: Free

Your Hosts:

Ethan is the CEO of Latchel, a maintenance automation & resident experience platform for Property Managers looking to take the headache out of maintenance, and generate a new revenue stream. 

With Latchel being a high-growth, venture-backed company, Ethan knows the ins and outs of determining company valuation, and keeps a strong pulse on key industry trends.

As the host of the Latchel Property Management Podcast, he’s always keen on seeking and sharing the kinds of conversations that drive the industry forward. 

And, as a serial entrepreneur, Ethan also has direct experience in valuing and selling a company. 


Janet Fields is the CEO and Co-Owner of Oak Trust Properties, a boutique family-owned property management business in Charleston, SC.

She bought her first property in 2008, and in 2018 merged her business with her family’s business to create the version of Oak Trust Properties that exists today. Their company culture revolves around core values that she learned from her background as a graphic designer: collaboration, positivity, and constructive criticism.

Oak Trust Properties runs a highly effective service that looks forward to problem-solving as a team. Their main focus is understanding and supporting individual goals, whether it’s that of a client or an employee. As Janet continues to grow the business, it’s her hope that everyone who works for and with the company feels supported and respected throughout their journey, wherever it may lead them.

Bryan Jenkins is the Director of Institutional Relations at PURE Property Management

Prior to joining PURE, Bryan was the Principal Broker of AHI Properties which has offices in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, AL and Oklahoma City, OK. He has since sold AHI to PURE to join forces.

Bryan began his career with AHI in 1997 after serving 9 years in the U.S. Navy as an Aviation Structural Mechanic and the U.S. Army as an Airborne Combat Medic. Bryan originally joined the company as an Operations Manager for a subsidiary of AHI Corporate Housing, the flagship company of The AHI Group. After working for 2 years in this role, Bryan returned to WV to help support and grow his family’s business. In 2000, The AHI Group reached out to Bryan to return to Alabama to help kick off a real estate platform which would later become AHI Properties. Bryan began managing company owned portfolios in 2001 and AHI Properties was later formed in 2004 opening the doors for some acquisitions and the managing of client homes. He obtained his AL real estate license in 2005 and his Broker’s license in 2007. He has been a NARPM member since 2011 and holds his MPM and RMP designations. Bryan is currently serving as the NARPM National Member Services Committee Chairperson and is a past President of the Atlanta NARPM Chapter. Bryan is married to Cheri and they have 4 children ages 21-27. 

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In Part 1 of this series, we partnered up with Profit Coach to dive into how to buy or sell a property management company, as well as the six “do or die” metrics that can drive up the value of a PM company. 

You can register to watch the on-demand recording and get access to the resources shared here

You’ll hear from a panel of industry giants who are actively seeking companies to acquire. You’ll learn different types of acquisition strategies, and what each respective one looks for in a company when acquiring. 

Webinar Brief: Navigating Market Consolidation - Part II

If you’ve read our blog on the 2022 Industry Trends or if you attended this year’s PM Grow Summit, then you already know how much focus there’s been on market consolidation within the normally fragmented property management world. 

With a lot of institutional and venture backed money being poured into the SFR space, many larger companies are out on the hunt to buy up smaller companies. Hence, our blog post on How to Value a Property Management Company has skyrocketed in clicks. 

  • Companies looking to sell want to make sure they’re selling to the right companies at the right price. 
  • Companies looking to acquire want to make sure they’re buying the right companies at the right price. 
  • Companies who fit neither of those categories are still looking for ways to drive up the value of their company so that they can remain competitive against a growing amount of industry giants. 

In Part 2 of  this multi-session series, we’ll sit down with two different Property Managers who’ve found success in their approach.  

  • Bryan Jenkins successfully sold his company, AHI, to PURE Property Management. We’ll talk about: 
    • What factors led his decision to sell. 
    • What the selling process was like and what needed to be prepped. 
    • What a post-sell looks like for him and his company now. 
  • Janet Fields wants to stay independently competitive against industry giants. We’ll talk about:  
    • What determining factors have influenced her decision to stay independent. 
    • What strategies Janet is using to stay competitive against giants in her market. 
    • How Oak Trust Properties plans to approach continued consolidation in the future for highest success. 
Unlock the Potential of Digital Insurance
Launch a tailored renter's insurance program

Sure provides tailored renter’s insurance that enables property managers, owners, and residents to protect their property, minimize risk, and experience the peace of mind that comes with the protection of your assets and business.

Most leases require renters insurance. So, we’ve partnered with Sure to provide that option for your residents. While residents aren’t required to use Sure to meet the renter’s insurance requirement, this is still a convenient option you can offer to your tenants. 

All services and products are provided by Sure, not Latchel subject to Sure’s terms and conditions.

Property Inspection Platform
Automate and Organize Inspections with RentCheck

Make Inspections Easier
RentCheck saves time by enabling residents to complete inspections on their own. Customization and automation ensure the job gets done.


Stop Wasting Time
Schedule inspections for all stages of the lease cycle at any cadence you choose. RentCheck handles the reminders.


Instantly Submit Work Orders
Take advantage of Latchel's integration with RentCheck to instantly submit a work order for any maintenance issues that pop up on an inspection.


Modernize Your Process
Easily compare new and existing inspection reports, side-by-side, and avoid security deposit disputes.


Prompt Routine Filter Changes and Resident Tasks
Schedule resident reminders to replace filters and other upkeep tasks over the course of the lease lifecycle.

To learn more about RentCheck, talk with a Latchel benefits expert today. All services and products are provided by RentCheck, not Latchel, and subject to RentCheck’s terms and conditions.

Affordable Pest Control

Access world class pest control for a fraction of the normal price. No need for new software or a complicated setup.


Easy Pest Control
Residents simply reach out to Cover Pest if there is a pest issue, and Cover Pest takes it from there.


Clarity on Who Pays the Bill
No more awkward conversations about who is responsible for the bill! With Cover Pest as a resident benefit, residents get pest control for covered pests without an additional cost.


Vendor Sourcing
No more sourcing for vendors! Cover Pest will source and coordinate with vendors for each pest control request

To learn more about Cover Pest, talk to a Latchel benefits specialist today.  All services and products are provided by Cover Pest, not Latchel, and subject to Cover Pest’s terms and conditions.

Air Filter Delivery Subscription

FilterTime is an air filter delivery service that makes it easy and convenient for residents to replace their air filters. FilterTime customers can protect their HVAC system, reduce dust and pollen, save money on energy costs, and more by leveraging this delivery service.


Reduce Labor for HVAC Issues
Filter delivery service results in a 38% reduction of total HVAC ticket requests.


Cost Savings on HVAC Repairs
Average HVAC repair costs have increased by 48.7% year over year. an air filter delivery subscription can cut costs up to $250-300 per property per year.


Energy Reduction
Filter delivery is saving residents $14.82 per month in energy costs.

How it works:

Choose from almost every size and type of air filter including custom-made sizes

Choose how often you want your filters delivered


 A box of brand new air filters delivered to your resident’s front door

To learn more about FilterTime, talk with a Latchel benefits specialist today. All services and products are provided by FilterTime, not Latchel subject to FilterTime’s terms and conditions.

Boost resident satisfaction and drive good resident behavior through a rewards, incentives, and credit building program

Drive On-Time Rent Payments
Piñata rewards renters for on-time rent payments through Piñata cash, and boosts renter's credit scores for online payments.


Boost Resident Satisfaction
$30 gift card to use at select brands and businesses, $25 restaurant card, 720 annual Piñata Cash to use on rewards, Early lease renewal gift.


Attract and Retain Renters
2 out of 3 renters prefer properties with rent reporting. Plus, residents get incentives for early lease renewals.


Rewards Residents Love
Residents can use Piñata Cash on brands they know and love, such as: Starbucks, Amazon, Sephora, Lego, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Doordash, Best Buy, and many more!

Piñata Cash

Residents easily earn Piñata Cash any day of the month by doing things like taking surveys, referring friends, or trying out new products.

Residents also get access to big-ticket giveaways, limited drops and super surges!

And, with exclusive access to our marketplace with over 300,000 deals, residents can squirrel away up to $4,500 annually.

To learn more about Piñata, talk with a member of our benefits team today. All services and products are provided by Piñata, not Latchel subject to Piñata’s terms and conditions.

Master Liability Insurance

Now you have one less thing to worry about with a Master Liability Policy through Obie.


Affordable Coverage
Affordable policies available with liability coverage starting at $100,000 and up to $300,000 to meet any property manager insurance requirements.


Stay 100% Compliant
Master policy provides $100,000 for management companies and owners by ensuring 100% of occupied homes and units are covered for property damage liability issues relating to resident negligence.


Peace of Mind
Liability coverages include perils such as fire, smoke, water, explosion, overflow of sewer, and many others that provide coverage for damages you (the resident) may cause to your unit or home


Personal Liability
Personal liability coverage is automatically include to protect you against claims where you may be considered legally liable. (Bodily injury claims, dog bite claims, and more)


Additional Coverages
Additional/expanded coverages are also available. (Pet damage, identity fraud, theft/vandalism, and more are available!)

All services and products are provided through Obie and are subject to Obie’s terms and conditions.

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